Sunday, 21 August 2016

One Layer Cards

I don't know why it is, but I rarely seem to do one layer cards.  I think part of it is that I was always afraid that the color would bleed through to the inside of the card, but it seems to be okay as long as I don't use Copics.

With that in mind, today I thought I'd pop outside my comfort zone and make a few one layer cards.  The best thing is that they didn't take me long at all.  Fair warning: one of these is a CHRISTMAS card!!  I know, right?  It's not even September yet, but there you go.

Card #1 - Stamp of Approval

I used one of the butterflies from the Butterfly Notes set and stamped them in rainbow color across the middle of a top-fold landscape card.  I used the "Thanks" and "a Note to Say" sentiment from the same set and Voila!  All done!

Card #2: Your Next Stamp

For this card, I folowed the above , but instead of a butterfly, I used my Thumb.  Then I stamped one of the faces from YNS's Create a Character stamp set.  I used the same sentiment from the SOA Butterfly Notes set.  I didn't bother to color the eyes white, but you totally could.

Card #3:  Stamp of Approval

And now the Christmas card!  This one was done using the Wonderful Wreath set.  I stamped the wreath three times, once in CtMH Champagne, then in Pear, and then Topiary.  Basically, beige, then light green then dark green.  I stamped some pine cones in brown and the berries and the ribbon in red.  I wanted something to make in sparkle, so I dragged something from my stash that I hadn't used in a long time:  Stickles!  I coated everything that was red in Christmas Red Stickles.  And that finished my card!

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